Types of Lures for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing

fisherman using different types of fish lures
What exactly are the different types of fishing lures? If you are a new fisher, you will have to get ...
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Best Buzzbait For Bass (2023 Update)

best buzzbaits for bass on a fishing pier
The best buzzbaits for bass are great topwater lures that are easy to fish with and can be effective in ...
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5 Best Fishing Line For Bass in 2023

Best Fishing Line for Bass
Discovering the best kinds of fishing lines for bass in 2022 or any type of fish for that matter can ...
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How To Fill a Spinning Reel With Monofilament or Braided Line

Spinning reels are one of the most popular fishing reel types available on the market. Newbies and experienced fishers most ...
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Monofilament vs Fluorocarbon vs Braided Fishing Line

There are three types of fishing lines, each one having its unique properties that some beginner fishers might not be ...
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How to Spool a Baitcasting Reel

When you’re learning to fish, it’s important to master the basics, including how to spool a baitcasting reel successfully. When ...
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The Drop Shot Rig (Full Guide)

The Drop Shot Rig
Before we tell you anything else about using a Drop Shot Rig, it is important that you know, while many ...
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What is a Fishing Leader?

A fishing leader is an essential piece of equipment for any angler, and they have many useful properties. It might ...
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Best Tube Baits For Bass in 2023

fisherman fishing with the best tube bait for bass
Hello, fellow angler, I know first-hand that catching fish without bait can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming. It’s important to ...
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Whopper Plopper Lures (Best Bass Lure?)

whopper plopper lures, what is a whopper plopper, best whopper plopper for bass, what size whopper plopper, what color whopper plopper, do whopper ploppers really work
What are whopper plopper lures? You may not know, but it’s unarguably one of the best tools every bass pro ...
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