Idaho Fishing License: Types, Costs, and How To Buy

Hello, fellow and prospective anglers! As you may or may not already know, Idaho is a beautiful state with countless mountainous regions, serene bodies of water (over 3,000 to be exact!), and a world-class reputation for fishing.

Idaho Fishing

In regard to the last point, Idaho is blessed with an abudnace of fish species, ranging from bass and trout to salmon, crappie, and pike!

With such a reputation to uphold, the Idaho Fish and Game regulatory body requires that all anglers – both local and visiting – hold a valid license before taking to the waters.

It’s important to remember that Idaho fishing licenses help maintain the state’s quality of fishing!

The revenue these licenses generate goes toward the conservation and development of fishing opportunities and facilities in the state. This way, everyone can enjoy them for decades to come!

In this guide, we’ll cover the following:

  • Who needs a fishing license in Idaho?
  • Types of available fishing licenses
  • Fishing license Idaho costs
  • Where to buy Idaho fishing licenses.

Ready to cast your eyes over the specifics of Idaho fishing licenses? Let’s get started!

Who Needs a Fishing License in Idaho

There are two distinct categories that you need to be aware of when acquiring a fishing license, and they have to do with age and residency!


If you’re 14 years old or older, you’ll need a fishing license regardless of whether you’re a resident or not.

If you’re below 14 years old, you don’t need any fishing licenses. However, your residency does come into play.

Idaho residents – even those who don’t need a fishing license – have fishing limits they must adhere to. That means they can fish as much as they want, as long as they stay within their limits.

On the other hand, non-residents below 14 years old can fish even without a license, but they must be accompanied by someone who has one. The condition here is that the fish caught by both people are covered by the same fishing limit.

For example, if the non-resident without a permit catches 10 fish and their companion reels in 20, they will add up to 30 fish according to their companion’s limit.

Non-residents below 14 years old do have the option of getting their own fishing license. This way, they don’t need to be accompanied by anyone with a fishing license, and they’ll also have their own fishing limits!

Types of Fishing Licenses in Idaho

It’s also important to remember that fishing license types vary from person to person.

To make sure you purchase the right one, check out this list of all the different licenses you may need. These differ based on your age, residency status, and other factors!

Take note that if you’re an Idaho resident, you may be able to enjoy a price lock feature.

What this means is that residents who have had an annual license since 2017 or purchased a 3-year license can purchase licenses at 2017 prices. Even if prices change in the future, you’ll still pay the same amount as you did in 2017!

Idaho Resident Fishing Licenses and Costs

Type of LicenseRegular Price3-Year PricePrice Lock Price
Resident Fishing License (adults)$30.50$73.75$25.75
Junior Resident Fishing License (for 14–17 years old)$16.00$37.75$13.75
Senior Resident Combination (Hunting and Fishing) License (for 65+ years old)$13.75$33.50$11.75 (regular) or $31.75 (for 3-year pricing)
Disabled American Veteran Fishing License$5.75N/A$5.00
Disabled Combination (Hunting and Fishing) License$5.75N/A$5.00
Military Furlough Fishing License (for Idaho residents in the military and who are on leave)$20.50N/A$17.50

Idaho Non-Resident Fishing Licenses and Costs

If you’re not a resident, here are the different types of fishing licenses you can get your hands on:

Type of LicenseRegular Price3-Year Price
Non-Resident Fishing License (adults)$108.00$320.50
Junior Non-Resident Fishing License (for 14–17 years old)$23.75$67.75
Three-Day Non-Resident Fishing License$36.75 ($22.75 for the first day and $7.00 for additional days)N/A
Seven-Day Non-Resident Fishing License$64.75 ($22.75 for the first day and $7.00 for additional days)N/A

Special Fishing Permits in Idaho

While the license types listed above are the main types of resident and non-resident licenses, there are also some special permits you can consider.

Combination permits allow you to hunt and fish, which could make it the best option for those who love the outdoors.

Type of LicenseRegular Price3-Year PricePrice Lock Price
Two-Pole Permit (resident)$15.00N/A$13.75
Two-Pole Permit (non-resident)$17.00N/AN/A
Disabled American Veteran Reduced-Cost Combination License (residents only)$5.75$11.50$5.00
Resident Combination License (adults)$38.75$33.50$97.00
Resident Junior Combination License (for 14–17 years old)$19.00$49.00$17.50
Non-Resident Aquatic Invasive Species Annual Boating and Fishing Permit (for boats and non-motorized vehicles)$7.00N/AN/A

Where to Buy Idaho Fishing Licenses

There are multiple options when it comes to buying Idaho Fishing Licenses, both online and offline. These include:

Fishing License

Online through the Idaho Fish and Game Website

If you want the most convenient option, buy an Idaho fishing license online! You can do this easily through the official website. Note that you do have to log in first before you can start purchasing your license.

At Local Idaho Fish and Game Offices

Do you want to personally visit a local office? Take your pick from Idaho’s nine regional offices spread all over the state! Dropping by in person is a great idea if you have any questions about fishing in Idaho.

Authorized Licensed Vendors throughout the State

You can also secure your fishing license through any of the authorized licensed vendors in Idaho!

Depending on your needs, this can be the best option – especially if you’re also shopping around for fishing supplies. Check out this local map to see what the closest vendor to you is.

Some Sporting Goods Stores and Retail Locations

There are also authorized sporting goods stores where you can purchase your fishing license. Since many of these specialize in fishing and boating, you can also purchase some high-quality supplies at the same time in one go.


And there you have it! Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the basics of Idaho fishing license requirements whether you’re a long-time Idaho resident or simply planning a trip in the near future.

Secure your license, and you’ll a step closer to all the beautiful scenery and exciting opportunities that Idaho has to offer – no matter if it’s your first time or 101st. Happy angling!


When Does the Idaho Fishing License Expire?

It depends on what type of license you have! Typically, license lengths vary from a year to three years, but there are also options for one-day fishing licenses (with the option of adding more days). It’s best to check first with the vendor before making a purchase.

Can You Fish on Private Property Without a License?

If your private property has its own pond, you can fish for free – even without a license! You’ll just need to make sure that the pond is fully within the property, has a valid “Private Fish Pond Permit”, has screened inlets and outlets, and keeps only approved fish species.

What Is the Fishing License Age Requirement for Idaho?

While anyone can get a fishing license, getting one is mandatory if you’re14 years old or older!

For younger anglers such as those not older than 17 years old, special Junior permits are also available. The good news is that these Junior permits don’t cost as much as adult ones.


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