Best Buzzbait For Bass (2023 Update)

The best buzzbaits for bass are great topwater lures that are easy to fish with and can be effective in certain situations. They are perfect for allowing you to fish quickly and cover water efficiently. However, you will need to know how to use one to reap the maximum benefits that they have to offer. Here, we’ll explore the best buzzbait for bass in 2023 for more enjoyable bass fishing.

The best buzzbaits for bass work well with a specific setup, and they are great for helping you to catch bass, though they won’t be the best for every type of fishing.

Not knowing when to use the best times and places can hinder your overall performance and leave you empty-handed on your fishing trip. You will also need to know how to use them for the best results. 

Best Buzzbait for Bass

This article will talk you through everything you need to know about buzzbaits, how to use them properly, and when and where their use would be the most effective. By the end of this article, you will know exactly what you need to know to use the best buzzbaits for bass. 

What is Buzzbait?

A buzzbait is a type of wire bait, and this is because of its metal wire frame that holds all of the pieces together. The wire is formed into a J shape, and the end of the frame is attached with a large blade with small wings. This is the part that will intercept the water as the fish is caught. 

The blade will spin in the water, which will help to bring the fish up to the surface, and the blade creates a lift. It will splash on the surface of the water to attract bass from some distance away. 

On the other side of the wire, you will find a hook, a skirt made out of silicone rubber, and a lead head that will work to provide balance. Due to the head’s weight, it is much easier to cast, and the skirt and hook will float just underneath the surface.

There is also a C-shaped bend attached to the corner of the wire where the fish is tied, which is one of the most important parts of the buzzbait. The skirt part will come in lots of colors that you can choose from, perfect for color matching with the time of day you are going fishing.

If you didn’t already know, a white-colored skirt is one of the best for attracting bass on a sunny day, but brighter colors, like orange and green, are some of the best to use to attract bass in murky waters as they are attention-grabbing. 

Fishing with a buzzbait is one of the most effective ways of catching bass, and they are commonly used in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. One of the best times for fishing buzzbaits is in the fall and winter in warmer climates and summer and spring in colder climates. 

Why You Should Use the Best Buzzbaits for Bass

Buzzbaits are one of the best fishing lures that you can use for catching bass as they have one hook shielded by a blade and wire arm, and they can also move through any debris in the water without getting caught. 

Additionally, this lure is great for allowing you to fish near rocks, and it can also sink. Anglers will need to keep the buzzbait moving by reeling it in once it has hit the water and the fish is retrieved. 

What You Should Know About Buzzbait

Buzzbaits will typically make a squeaking sound as they are retrieved, and this sound is caused by friction as the blade spins around the wire. This helps to make the buzzbait even more effective.

Additionally, there are also clacker buzzbaits that are made by using a small bead, blade, or wire arm that will hit against the blade as it spins.

You should know that there are many varieties of buzzbaits, and everyone will have a preference. The sounds that they make can differ, and some are also louder than others.

Typically, the louder the buzzbait, the better it will be in windier conditions. Those that make subtler sounds are generally better for calmer conditions. 

Types of Buzzbait

In terms of how they work, all buzzbaits will carry out the same function and provide you with the same end result. However, some features of different buzzbaits can make certain ones better for specific fishing conditions.

This could involve things like the speed at which they travel, the sounds they can create, and the level of disruption they can cause. We will show you the different types of buzzbaits below.


When you look at the wireframe of an inline buzzbait, you will notice that it is slightly bent or straight, and it doesn’t follow the typical J shape.

The blade will be aligned with the lead head, and this type of buzzbait is generally more durable and can be used more quickly than some other types. They are also really easy to control, and you can move them easily in the direction you want them to go.

Single Prop Clacker

These are buzzbaits that have been modified to make them more effective and help increase your chances of attracting bass. The clacker is a really small metal component that has been attached to the top of the propeller, which makes a loud clicking sound when it spins.

These are some of the loudest types of buzzbaits available, making it much easier to attract bass and easier to use in harsher conditions.

Single Non-Prop Clacker

This is one of the simpler buzzbaits available, and they are fitter with a single propeller and no clacker. This could be useful as loud sounds can sometimes scare the bass away in calmer conditions. 

Double Prop Clacker

The double prop clacker is a type of buzzbait with two propellers that run parallel to each other. One of the best things about these buzzbaits is that you can use them slowly, giving better resistance in the water. The double prop clack makes loud noises to attract bass, and they are balanced in the water.


Squeaker buzzbaits are some of the best to use in clear waters or heavily pressured waters. They can create a high-pitched squeaking sound due to the friction created between the blade and rivet, producing a bubble trail. 

How to Fish a Buzzbait

Thankfully, fishing a buzzbait is easy. All you need to do is cast it out, and retrieve it as quickly as possible once it has landed. The sooner that you can activate the blade, the sooner you can present to the fish efficiently.

Once the buzzbait moves along the surface, you can choose to slow the retrieve to a steadier tempo. You should also try to change up the speed and direction as you go to attract fish.

You should be prepared because the bass is well known for swiping at the buzzbait instead of biting it. A trailer hook can help you to catch more fish, but patience is key in these situations. It is a faster method of catching bass, but some things can influence the number of bass you can catch.

Where to Fish a Buzzbait

Buzzbaits are often used to cover water aggressively, and there are certain conditions where they will work better than other types of lures. There are many different buzzbaits to consider, as some will work better in calmer conditions, and others will work better in windy conditions. 

Many professional anglers will only use buzzbaits in the morning hours or low-light conditions due to old habits. Still, now, they are more commonly used throughout the day and in many different seasons. 

When the water gets warmer in the spring, the bass will start to move up towards the surface in warmer parts of the day. On a summer day, you can often find bass lurking in shallower waters. You can use buzzbait in many places in the fall, especially if you see baitfish along shorelines or shallow flats.

Best Buzzbait for Fishing

There are many different products available, making it difficult to choose the best one for you. This is why we will leave some of the best buzzbaits for fishing below.  You may also be interested in our posts about how to hold a bass and what bass eat.  Thanks for stopping by!


Sougayilang Fishing Lures Buzzbait


Sougayilang Fishing Lures Buzzbait Spinnerbait Topwater Lure for Bass Pike...

These buzzbaits come in various colors with a 40-strand silicone skirt and a high-quality hook. It even features 3D eyes, and it is effective at covering water quickly.

This is the perfect tool for locating bass in shallow waters, and they also provide a unique sound. The sounds that it creates will help to attract more bass.


BOOYAH Buzz Buzzbait Bass Fishing Lure


Booyah BYB38-608 Buzz Bait, 3/8-Ounce, Black/Black Alum Clacker,...

This buzzbait is made using premium hard-coat paint to ensure that it is durable and long-lasting, and it even features extra-large 3D eyes. It works quickly and is good to use straight out of the package.

The clacking sound that it creates will work to attract bass effectively, and the 55-strand bio flex silicone skirt and ultra point hook will take care of the rest of the work.

Videos About the Best Buzzbait for Bass

Below are a handful of videos that may help you find and rig the best buzzbait for bass.

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