Shimano Curado K Review for 2023

For the perfect boat fishing experience, a baitcasting reel is a must-have piece of gear. Baitcasting reels provide a different experience from a typical spinning reel. Read on to learn more in this Shimano Curado K review for 2022.

Summary: The Shimano Curado K 200 is a Smooth Reel!

The Curado reel has been a top choice for anglers. With a hefty size of 200, the reel features three different gear ratios: 7:4:1, 6:2:1, 8:5:1 and can retrieve left or right handed. It permits anglers to test various fishing scenarios from diving small lures to spinning jigs. The micromodule gear, large spool and small body provide a wholesome experience in fishing. It has a super compact plus flexible design that shrinks up to 10% than the previous version.

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  • Top-notch baitcasting reel leading micro module gearing
  • Durable aluminum design with a user-friendly handle
  • Consistent performance using SVS braking system
  • Durable frame and body


  • It’s a higher end beginner reel
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Shimano Curado Review – Best Features

Here are some of our favorite features of the Shimano Curado K baitcasting reel.

Micro module gear and aluminum frame

The micromodule gear with built-in precise teeth is the premium feature of the Curado series. This component makes it an effective and affordable reel. It offers clean power transitions plus enhanced durability is a bonus point welcomed by all users.

And the cherry on the top is the durable construction of an aluminum body with minimum weight. of line-up approx. 7.6 lbs. Overall, the body design resonates with their signature hagane reels, prevent sudden flex and stretch.

Improved SVS infinity braking system

The reel based on centrifugal design reflected an ideal system to command over bait switching and casting. Additionally, the brakes have an outside knob for adjustment and are accessible from the pivoted C14 side plate for accurate settings; it allows you to dial in once, rest could be done alone by the system. You can rely on this system to eliminate the chances of a line problem.

Efficient SD3 spool design

In correspondence to the micromodule gearing and hagane body, the reel includes an SD3 spool mechanism that cuts down vibration while casting. This feature is exclusively beneficial for longer distance casting offering slick and stable angling.

Anti-reverse roller bearings and cross carbon drag

Curado reel contains six stainless-steel ball bearings that prevent corrosion in water and one super stopper anti-reverse ball bearing. It empowers one-way movement with no backflow plus ensures quick hook setting power; you really can’t deny the smartness of this sophisticated reel. There is also a carbon drag to sustain pressure for up to 11lbs settings, isn’t it amazing? You can fine-tune the drag as per the angling demand for effective.

Shimano Curado K Reel Review – General User Opinions

The Shimano Curado K reel is an incredible all-in-one package of advanced technology, ease of use features, steady performance, and high-quality design. It is a kind of simple go-to baitcasting reel for regular anglers. With the inclusion of X-ship technology and micro-module gearing, SVS centrifuge brakes, and a high-end finish of metal frame along with an enlarged handle, one unarguably cannot ignore this affordable piece of instrument. The only problem you might face is the slight heavy-weight due to the presence of solid-brass gear and few extra pounds for drag as well.

Shimano Curado K Review Conclusion – Top of the Line Beginner Reel!

In recent years, Shimano has gained enough popularity in designing baitcasting reels with state-of-the-art technology. The Curado is durable, smooth and heavy duty enough to handle bigger fish comfortably.

Hopefully you enjoyed this Shimano Curado K review!

Shimano Curado K Review FAQ

Can it be used for saltwater fishing?

You can safely use it in saltwater as it has the innovative build of X-ship along with durable body and steel-covered ball bearings making it ideal in the harsh salty environment.

What gear ratio does the Curado reel offer?

The gear ratio varies from 5:0:1 to 8:5:1. It gives a high gear ratio to facilitate retrieval within few moments.

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