Moonshine Fly Rod Review for 2023

Everyone loves fishing time out on the water. Times like these can make for memorable bonding moments with loved ones. Many older people have some of their fondest memories date back to such times with friends or family. However, fishing doesn’t always have to be enjoyed with company. Even when participating alone, maybe to get some personal time to clear your head, fishing in the open water can make for a very relaxing experience.

This article will discuss a quality piece of equipment for fly fishing – the Moonshine Drifter Series Fly Rod in 2022. Read this Moonshine fly rod review to learn everything you need to make a buying decision.

The Moonshine Drifter Fly Rod Review

Whether it be alone or with company, an excellent fishing rod is required to easily engage in this exciting outdoor activity, unless fishing can quickly become annoying and regrettable. Thanks to the drifter series fly fishing rod from the Moonshine rod company, this doesn’t have to be your experience.

Summary: The Moonshine Drifter Fly Fishing Rod is a Fantastic Value

This Moonshine fly rod is light, inexpensive, and has extra parts that even some more expensive fishing rods do not offer. This is an excellent fishing rod to consider because you’d find it extremely difficult to get another of this quality at such a low price. Read the rest of this moonshine fly rod review to find out how it stacks up against the competition.

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  • Medium response fishing rod
  • Forgiving action
  • Costs three to four times less than other fishing rods
  • Excellent vintage-style design with a matte finish
  • Perfect gift item
  • Comes in 3WT 9′, 4WT 8’6″, 5WT 10′, 5WT 9′, 6WT 9′, 7WT 10′

A LEGIT fly fishing rod

– Rogue Rods

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Here We Go! The Moonshine Fly Rod Review Features

Craftsmanship- 4.9/5

This Drifter series fly fishing rod is a uniquely designed fishing rod. It is a useful piece of equipment capable of withstanding the rigors that come with fly fishing. Many other producers manufacture their real seats out of aluminum. This is cheaper but also corrodes a lot faster. Aluminum is not a stable element in the air. It reacts with oxygen to form an oxide film or layer. Once the integrity of the coating is compromised, the aluminum beneath it is further corroded by the outside air.

On the contrary, the Moonshine Drifter creates its reel seats out of copper, a more inert and less reactive metal. Copper is also much stronger than aluminum. It can take some hits and still look like new. The construction material for the blank, which is the main rod, is graphite—a naturally occurring soft compound for added flexibility and response.

The top part of the reel is made from anodized copper, making it excellent for use in all water conditions, saltwater or freshwater. This rod perfectly combines qualities of strength and flexibility. It is sturdy enough to handle bigger casts yet flexible enough to quickly reel in sizable fish. Moonshine designed this fly rod to be easily coupled and set down after use so that anglers can spend more time doing their favorite thing.View Current Pricing

Accuracy- 4.8/5

The Moonshine Drifter fly rod has a responsive system. Although the rod is not a fast action rod, it is a soslid medium-action rod capable of delivering on all the pleasures associated with fly fishing. Being a medium action rod means that it has a measure of stiffness that enables anglers to cast a longer distance, but the action is so silky smooth as you reel in your catch. This double action of stiffness and softness is what many pro anglers have described as forgiving.

The forgiving action helps beginner and amateur fly fishermen easily cast to the exact point they’re aiming. You won’t have to bother with the size of bait. Although the rod’s tip is delicate, it will take a significant force to cause issues. You can feel comfortable using some bigger flies like streamers. This rod is not heavy, and its lightness contributes to the accuracy anglers experience by reducing hand fatigue.

Giftable – 5.0/5

The quality of this product is undeniable. Many experienced and professional anglers recommend this fly rod. Many of them particularly testify how they wish they had a rod like this when they first started fishing for sport. This fishing rod is inexpensive compared to other market variants, yet the quality is not sacrificed. In fact, this is not a unique feature of this series alone. Many other products from the Moonshine company also have much better pricing than competitors.

These properties make this fishing rod a quality gift item. Anyone from beginner to pros alike, would easily see the value of such a gift and would much appreciate the thought. The rod comes in a hard canvas casing that is easy to transport. Inside the case, there are five compartments, four for each piece of the fishing rod, and the fifth for an extra tip, a clone of the original. Two tips, a forgiving responsive rod, compact packaging, which all scream the perfect gift, and at one low price.

Value For Money – 4.8/5

The Moonshine rod company has put a lot of effort into creating their rods to ensure that their buyers get the best available product. Each blank on every rod is subjected to rigorous testing by professional anglers and the manufacturing team to ensure the best performance possible. The manufacturers include an extra durable tip in the package to cover all bases. That is something that many who have bought this fly rod really appreciate. The last thing anyone wants is for a fishing trip with friends and buddies to be ruined because the only tip at hand broke. Suffice to say, anglers who fish with the Moonshine Drifter fly rod do so with the confidence that many others wish for. Most other comparable fly rods cost between $700 and $800 and do not offer such an alternative as an extra tip, among other features.

The fishing rod also comes with a lifetime warranty. The warranty doesn’t account for intentional damage, but everything outside of this category is redeemable by the company.

To cap it off, there is no question of durability with this rod. The anodized copper used as a primary material in manufacturing prevents corrosion and rust. It even prevents wear that is a natural result of use.

The Moonshine Drifter Fly Rod is an EXCELLENT CHOICE!

It is absolutely undeniable that you get the best value possible for one low price when you purchase this drifter series Moonshine rod. While there are better choices for a fast action rod, it operates in a forgiving manner and is the perfect gift for people who love to spend time on the water fly fishing. Getting one is a no brainer as it certainly doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket while giving you more value than many more expensive alternatives.

This is also one of the best rods for Sockeye fishing

Hopefully this Moonshine Fly Rod review was helpful. Check it out and catch some fish!

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