Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Reel Review for 2023

This 2023 Daiwa Saltiga review goes all the way to give you in-depth information about the reel. With a large number of spinning reels out there, confusion quickly sets in when shopping for one. That is why we have created this guide to help you with everything you need to know about a spinning reel and what saltiga 2023 can offer you.

Not only do spinning reels make fishing so much fun, but are versatile to meet any angler’s fishing style. If fishing is your idea of having fun, you’d need a spinning reel that can stand the test of time and challenges that come with this activity.

The Daiwa Saltiga Review – How Good is it?

Spinning reels spin and wobble, just like how fish swim, making it your ideal fishing aid for productive fishing. It is one of the essential pieces of fishing gear in every angler’s arsenal. The great thing about a spinning reel is that it is easy to operate; skilled and amateur anglers alike can handle it.

Here, we will discuss the features, benefits, and drawbacks of one of the top spinning reels, The Daiwa Exceler LT.

Summary: Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Reel Review – One of the Best High End Spinning Reels

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  • Monocoque body keeps the internal components firm
  • Capable of handling larger internal components.
  • Smooth and has more drag than most spinning reels.
  • Has great line capacity


  • Cost

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Our Daiwa Saltiga Review 2023

The Daiwa 2023 Saltiga reel is the latest spinning reel from Daiwa. This industry pacesetter has consistently provided solutions to the heavy-duty saltwater demands as far as spinning reels are concerned since 2023. They have continuously re-engineered their reels to meet the latest standards and make your hook and line fishing a thrilling experience.

The Daiwa Saltiga reel features an improved design from its predecessors. The features include a Monocoque body, more powerful drive gear strength, and aluminum air rotor to provide more power and performance.

Daiwa Saltiga Review – Features and Benefits

Monocoque Body

Unlike the older model of saltiga reel (15 saltiga), the monocoque body does not require a body cover. It fits the engine plate directly on the body without screws. The benefit of this feature is that the drive gear has a larger diameter, which adds thickness and power to the spinning reel.

Magseal Bearing

Considering how much time your reel will be spending close to water, it is essential to use bearings that can reduce the amount of saltwater that will be penetrating your reel. The 2023 Saltiga features a Magseal ball bearings which keeps saltwater out of the engine. Also, the Magseal bearing while protecting the reel, makes the reel spin more smoothly.

Aluminium Air Rotor

No angler takes rigidity for granted. And 2023 Saltiga certainly does not joke with it either. It incorporates an aluminum air rotor that delivers twice the rigidity the 15 saltiga offers.

Powerful Drag System

Saltiga 2023 is equipped with sufficient drag washers which ensures that the pressure from a hooked fish spreads evenly throughout the drag stack. This makes for smooth operation when adjusting the drag.

Smoother LC-ABS Cast

Let’s not forget about the casting performance. Saltiga 2023 features the Long Casing (LC)-ABS. LC-ABS allows a smoother running of the line. This also eliminates fluttering while enabling a more effective line management system. The spool design also features a striking under-side lip and lacks porting for minimizing the water intrusion from below the spool.View Current Pricing

Things To Consider Before Buying a Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are indispensable for a hook and line fishing. However, you must take great care when buying one. When shopping for your first or next spinning reel, pay extra attention to the anti-reverse handle, drag, ball bearings and the gear ratio.

When the spinning reel’s anti-reverse handle is instant, it can help you get a lot of accuracy and power, which will ultimately enhance success while fishing. A backward movement, no matter how little, will do no good.

The drag system is one of the features for determining a good spinning reel. It cannot be compromised in a reel and has to be easily-adjustable for a smooth operability. The drag allows you to put pressure on the fish and makes it possible to extend the line whenever you need to do so.

Also, when buying a reel, you should consider the gear ratio. Gear ratio depends on the scale of fishing you intend to do. It influences the amount of line you pull up each time you rotate the handle. That is, a 5:1 gear ratio tells you that for every handle rotation you make, the bail goes around the spool five time. Therefore, a 5:1 gear ratio will be faster than a 4:1 ratio.

The number of ball bearings also enhances or inhibits the performance of a reel. Experts recommend that you go for reels with more ball bearings, because this will step up the reel’s smoothness when fishing.

Our Opinion

The materials used for the Saltiga are carefully selected to improve its performance, reduce the weight, and ensure a longer-lasting usage. Certain parts such as the air rotor, body, and knobs have been built with strong aluminum for added durability. At the same time, the overall design features rubber sealing, Magseal bearing, and a Monocoque body for minimizing water intrusion and maximizing performance.

Saltiga reels vary in line capacity, weight, drag, PE rating, monofilament capacity, and gear ratio. All the models came in stunning blue and gold, while each one weighs between 645g and 890g and is capable of dragging between 25kg and 30kg. The handle knobs can either be round or egg-shaped.

The price of the Saltiga 2023 reel may be a bit more than you would need for many other spinning reels, but it is well worth the investment. This reel would be with you for years while still performing at the topmost level.

The Verdict is… the Daiwa Saltiga is a Top High End Reel!

How much confidence your fishing reel gives you goes a long way in how enjoyable an experience your fishing trips are. It can be challenging to trust again if your gear has let you down before. 2023 Daiwa Saltiga reels will undoubtedly restore every bit of confidence in no time.

The build comes with enough strength for any level of saltwater fishing. Its features are enough to make you develop more love for fishing. What more? The design is beautiful and makes you want to show off your reel. So, why don’t you go ahead and ‘break your record!’

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Daiwa Saltiga Reel Review FAQs

What are the reel types available for the Daiwa Saltiga?

The types include SALTIGA8000-P, SALTIGA8000-H, SALTIGA10000-P, SALTIGA10000-H, SALTIGA14000-P, SALTIGA14000-XH, SALTIGA18000-P, SALTIGA18000-H, and SALTIGA20000-H.

What kind of fishing is the 2023 Daiwa Saltiga suitable for?

This spinning reel is perfect for every type of saltwater fishing. It has different types that are suitable depending on the scale of angling you are interested in. For example, the 8000-P and 8000-H are great for jigging, while the 2000-H is designed for saltwater big game hunting.

Is the Daiwa Saltiga waterproof?

The parts including the line roller have rubber sealing and Magseal ball-bearing, which keeps saltwater out of the engine and parts.

In what colors is the Saltiga available in?

The 2023 Daiwa Saltiga is available in a beautiful combination of gold and blue colors.

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