Where to Catch Golden Trout in Wyoming

Wondering where to Catch Golden Trout in Wyoming? The golden trout can be a very elusive fish. While trout are a very common catch in the United States, the Golden Trout can require a bit more dedication and effort.

Most of Wyoming’s golden trout reside in the Wind River mountains (Lander and Pinedale regions). There are also others in the Absaroka, Snowy, and Bighorn mountains (Laramie, Cody, and Sheridan regions).

In the Cloud Peak Wilderness, There are 11 bodies of water with golden trout on the Cody side of the Bighorn mountains. There are four bodies of water with golden trouton the Sheridan side. These include Elephanthead, Myrtle, Firehole #2, and Frozen #1.

Access to these lakes can be a challenging journey but ultimately one that will yield this beautiful fish. The surrounding environment is also beautiful in itself. This is a great expedition for the avid fisherman to experience the beauty of Wyoming nature, and to catch a unique fish!

Golden trout are originally from the Kern River watershed in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. They evolved from the rainbow trout over many years.

What is the Best Fishing Line for Trout?

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