What is Harling for Trout?

Are you asking what is harling for trout? Harling for trout involves fishing from a slow moving boat while using a weighted line to get your fly or lure down to the fish. The key difference between harling for trout and trolling is that harling targets fish at depths down to roughly 10 feet, whereas trolling can target depths much deeper than that.

If you need a better visual, check out this trout harling video as an example.

How Far Back When Harling for Trout?

Common harling set-ups are 15-20 feet of trace, two colors of lead and 300 feet of backing. You can make a mark after the first 150 feet of backing as a point of reference.

How Fast Should I Go When Trout Harling?

Speed should be very slow.

What is the Best Rod for Harling?

The best length for a harling rod is around 6-8ft with a slow and soft action. At this length, you can remain comfortable in the boat but the rod is still long enough to angle away from the boat to prevent tangles when harling.

What is the Best Lure for Harling?

Large harling trout flies are the best option in hook size 2 or 4.

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