What Color is Trout Meat?

What color is trout meat? This is a common question! The color of trout meat largely depends on the trout’s diet. The most common colors of trout meat are white, pink, and pink-ish orange, similar to salmon.

Why Is Trout Meat Different Colors?

There is often a color difference between farmed trout and wild trout. Meat from farmed trout is often whiter than wild-caught trout, typically pinker in color.

There is also a difference seen between larger and smaller trout. Trout that can consume small fish often have more pink or orange meat. Smaller trout that feed mostly on bugs typically have whiter meat.

Which Color of Trout Meat is the Best?

Many fishermen agree that orange or pink trout meat tastes better than white.

Hopefully, this article answers your questions about the color and taste of trout meat!

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