Van Staal VSX (X Series) Review for 2023

Buying the right fishing reel is not an easy task, especially when you are new to the fishing game. There is too big a risk of choosing the wrong fishing reel and being disappointed once you receive your product. If you don’t know what to look for when buying a decent fishing reel, this Van Staal VSX review for 2023 will definitely help determine is the Van Staal VS X-Series 275 is the right reel for you.

The Van Staal VS X-Series spinning reels are one of the best fishing reels that you can get from the market. These Spinning Reels are the surf spinning reels you have been waiting for!

Van Staal VSX Review – VS X-Series 275 Review – All You Need to Know

While bass anglers often choose baitcasting reels, spinning reels are undeniably the most popular choice for most anglers. This is possibly due in part to the functionality of open-face fishing reels that allow anglers to fish while having relatively minimal technical difficulties such as tangles or backlashes.

Spinning reels are also good for catching a broad range of fish—whether you’re after a huge muskie or a small rainbow trout, there’s one for you.

Summary: Our Van Staal VS X-Series 275 Spinning Reel Silver – VS275SXP Review

Van Staal VS X-SERIES Spinning Reels are absolutely remarkable and great for the surf angler who demands the best gear for their sport. The upgrades made by Van Staal to their VS Series is just what serious fishermen have been waiting for. Van Staal made a big change to its surf fishing reel. The VS X-SERIES incorporates a tested and proven, aircraft aluminum fully sealed design that so many anglers admire.

It has a much-improved drag system that sets out a larger range of drag. The new X-WRAP oscillation system provides a flawless line lay. The Van Staal VS X-SERIES 275 Spinning Reel is the top choice of surf anglers.

Van Staal VS X-Series 275 Spinning Reel Silver - VS275SXP
  • Very Strong and Durable
  • X Wrap Oscillation System
  • Long Line Capacity
  • Waterproof Drag System
  • Powerful Main Gear

One of the best there is

– Rogue Rods

Van Staal VS X-Series 275 Spinning Reel Silver - VS275SXP
  • Fully Machined 6061 One Piece Body and Stem
  • Fully Sealed Body and Stem Design. Titanium Main Shaft
  • Stainless Steel Spiral-Bevel Gear System
  • Bailed, Bail-less, and Left Hand models available

Here We Go! The Van Staal VSX Review Pros & Cons

Here are some of the top features of the Van Staal VS X Series 275 Spinning Reel:

Very Strong and Durable

The Van Staal VS X Series 275 Spinning Reel is made from durable components that can survive the harshest saltwater conditions. The body spool and handle are crafted from bar-stock 6061-T6511 aluminum center shaft and the line roller is made from sturdy titanium with a titanium-nitride covering. It utilizes two ball bearings made of stainless steel to guarantee smooth drag results even in the roughest of conditions. The pinion and main gear in this spinning reel are both made of strong stainless steel, which not only helps you fight but also catch the big fish.

X Wrap Oscillation System

This spectacular spinning reel facilitates optimal line lay that eliminates wind knots and helps you to catch hard-to-reach fish. The powerful waterproof drag mechanism has a broad range and provides a clicker for specific settings, while the big knob is easy to use while your hands are wet. Its enclosed waterproof layout inhibits moisture from corroding the parts, and the spiral bevel gear mechanism is perfect to withstand heavy gear loads.

Long Line Capacity

The Van Staal VS X Series 275 Spinning Reel has a mono line capacity of 400 yards of 15 lb of fishing line. It has a braid capacity of 400 yards of 40 lb of fishing line and a gear ratio of 4.25:1 and a line class of 8-20 lb. The VS 275 weighs 21.6 oz and offers a great line retrieve of 33.5 inches.

Waterproof Drag System

The maintenance-free and waterproof drag mechanism is one of the best features of the Van Stall VS X Series 275 spinning reel. Even if you do not submerge your reel while you fish, it is likely that everyday exposure alone could undermine the performance of its drag mechanism. This is precisely why the makers of the Van Staal VS X Series spinning reels have given so much attention to the gear as well as to the drag control to ensure that every angler has a constant peak output.

Powerful Main Gear

The main gear of the VS X 275 does not slip or strip, even under intense pressure. It has a huge size to allow more torque per crank of the reel handle while struggling with the fish. No other spinning reel on the market offers you so much quality and safety at the same time. It has a main shaft that has a big diameter and is made of solid titanium. It is also mirror polished for a smooth operation.


We have thoroughly tested and used the Van Staal VS X Series 275 spinning reel to catch fish in the hardest of conditions. Mechanically, it remained in excellent condition but, cosmetically, it suffered small scratches. But these scratches can be easily removed by polishing. Apart from that, we had a fantastic time using the VS X Series 275 spinning reel.

The Verdict – One of the Best of 2023 – Van Staal VSX Review

If you are someone who has zero tolerance for equipment failure and requires the best of the best to fish in intolerable conditions, then the Van Staal VS X Series 275 may be your best bet.

The VS X Series 275 Spinning Reel is built to last. This reel lives up to its hype and is worth every penny. It is built to withstand whatever punishment you can dish out while staying water and sand proof. This is a good buy for all the anglers out there looking for serious action.

Van Staal VS X-Series 275 Spinning Reel Silver - VS275SXP
  • Fully Machined 6061 One Piece Body and Stem
  • Fully Sealed Body and Stem Design. Titanium Main Shaft
  • Stainless Steel Spiral-Bevel Gear System
  • Bailed, Bail-less, and Left Hand models available

Van Staal X Series FAQ

Van Staal VM vs VR Reels

The Van Staal VM series has been discontinued. The most noticeable difference between the VM vs the VR series is weight of the VM reel. It was also built with a different waterproof integrity and less durability. It’s pretty universal accepted that the VR spinning reels are a deifnite improvement over the VM models. 

Van Staal VS vs VR Reels

The VS vs the VR model depends on what type of fishing you’ll be doing. The VS is designed to be fully submersible so if you plan on swimming to a rock, skishing, fishing in the surf surf, etc., you’ll want the VS.

I think with the VR, Van Staal figured out that there is a much broader market out there involving guys who don’t really need a reel they can crank underwater, but need one that can take an occasional dunking. If you fall into that category, the VR will be fine.

P.S. you can check out our Van Staal VR Spinning Reel Review too!

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