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May 26, US: has acquired to become the leading industry resource for valuable information for fishing hobbyists, from finding the Best Fishing Rod to reviews about rods, reels, fish finders and more. began its journey as a fishing rod manufacturer that earned its stripes on the back of top-quality products. Since then, it has also built its reputation as a leading information resource for various materials, including all types of fishing gear. Fishing hobbyists can find information ranging from types of reels to fishing kayak reviews that they can benefit from.

At the heart of the success of is the passion of its editor, Ben Hartsfield, a lifelong angler who loves sharing his love for the hobby. He started the online resource to share his experiences and valuable tips with others on days when he couldn’t go out himself. Since then, the platform has grown enormously and has become the go-to resource for beginners and avid anglers alike.

The information readers have found at has helped them raise their fishing game and saved them a massive amount of money with reviews. The strong team of professional experts working with the company conducts in-depth and unbiased research on a wide range of products available in the market. They then present comprehensive reviews that readers can rely upon. 

As soon as new products hit the market, they are tested and researched by’s experts. The results are shared with readers ranging from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. From information regarding their favorite pastime to news about the latest equipment, tips shared experiences. So much more, it is the place where fishing hobbyists can indulge in their passion to the fullest.

And now, the resource for objective fishing reel reviews is set to grow to greater heights. In what is good news for anglers worldwide, acquired on May 17th, 2022, further strengthening its position as a leader in the field. It is the only place anglers need to turn now for everything they want to know about fly fishing, ice fishing, and much more. was founded in July 2020 by Genghis Karp and was a company located in Southwest Florida. It had turned into a reliable guide for fish rods, reels, and gear reviews in a short period. Their assessments of a wide range of fishing products were unbiased and in-depth. So in the true sense, it is a coming together of resources with similar strengths and goals. And now, with the acquisition, will carry it forward as a valuable repository of articles, reviews, and more for all fishing hobbyists. 


Edited by lifelong angler Ben Hartsfield, who is passionate about sharing the joys of fishing with other enthusiasts, it has become a comprehensive information resource for fishing hobbyists of all levels. 


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