Salt Water/General Purpose Rods

These rods are 5/D designs that use three types of materials. Linear graphite is used for stiffness, and power, the woven graphite cloth provides a lightweight strength and a fiberglass mat for grueling, rail fighting durability. The woven graphite is used on the outside layers, which also gives the rod a distinctive look. The Power/Strength/Weight benefits of this composite balanced blank design are unequaled. The extra fast actions let you Feel The Bite, All to reach the goal of catching more fish. The all saltwater design set uses Pac Bay Heavy Duty Boat rod guides with Hialoy rings and TICH titanium coated stainless frames on most rods. The GP6XHRS use roller guides and have Slick-butt rear butts for easy removal when pinned in rod holders. High quality black foam grips and TICH coated aluminum Channel lock reel seats are used on all models.

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