Magnum Bass Blanks

The experts at Rogue Rods design and make our own blanks in our own factory located in Oregon, and they have become the cornerstone of our company. We use a perfected materials system that will optimize weight and strength and achieve the correct action.

There are five dimensions to blank design that must be perfectly calculated to create the right blank for the job. We call it our “5/D Blank Design” and it consists of: Length, Diameter, Taper, Wall Thickness, and Material. If you change one, it affects all the rest. Not one of the 5/D’s is more important than the other, and a higher modulus alone does not make the best rod. Sensitivity and power in a rod are determined by its weight, action and balance, not just material, and we’ve got it down to a science.

When it comes to graphite, we use the proper type, grade, strength and modulus that best suits the intended application—no hype, no fancy names or diagrams so that you have to be a tubular composites engineer to make a buying decision —our expert builders and designers have already done that for you!

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