John Wise – Johnny’s Fishin’ Sticks

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I have to say that the Rogue Rods model# SH 865C-2 has to
be one of my favorite rods for Winter Steel head.
I know I got the power to turn big fish if I have to.
I am a small time rod wrapper and have wrapped
30-40 Rogue Rods and have been overly impressed
with the quality of the blanks that I recieve from RR.
The staff has always been very easy to work with as
well. I have bought and sold many Rogue Rods over the
last 8 years. In that time I have heard of only a few being
broken all by admitted misuse. That says something
about an American made product. I also likeĀ the SM 938
and 937 C2 rods for Salmon fishing on the Oregon coast.
These rods are light, sensitive and have power for the larger
fall fish we get hereĀ  in Oregon.~John Wise – Johnny’s Fishin’ Sticks