Heyday Boat Review for 2023 (Pricing & Specs)

People see surfing in different lights. While some see it as a way of just having some fun, it’s a serious sport to many others. Regardless of what surfing is to you, you will agree that an important part of surfing is the boat! In this article, we’ll look two of the best Heyday boat reviews for 2023 – the 2DC and the Surf.

Wake boats are readily available in the market for reasonable prices. With several models at your disposal, how can you know which is the best for you? After thorough research and a lot of good feedback around Heyday boats, we’ve selected and reviewed the top two Heyday wake boats. Hopefully, after reading this post you’ll feel confident enough to make a decision.

Our Top 2 Heyday Boat Review for 2023

Heyday holds an enviable reputation as one of the top designers and manufacturers of wake boats today. It’s no surprise that two of its wake boats make the list of the top wake boats. Here is a detailed Heyday boat review for these models – the 2DC and the Surf.

Heyday WT-2DC

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The Heyday WT-2DC is one of the first sets of wake boats produced by Heyday in 2019 and 2022. The 22’6″ size offers top-notch comfort. It features a double console layout with a complete windscreen and wraparound cockpit seating. Its other features include:


The wake boats measure 6.8 meters in length and 1.61 tons in weight. Also, it has a wide and comfy bow seating area complete with starboard adjustable armrests and a port. As a result of this size, the wake boat has enough space to accommodate as many as 12 people at once. This means that you have enough space for yourself and your friends on the boat.

Powerful Engine

The Heyday WT-2DC offers five different engine options, each with different performances. The engine options range from sterndrive 1 x 350hp, 5.7L Crusader Coastal Edition to sterndrive 1 x 370hp, 6.2L Mercury. This powerful engine is coupled with an amazing fuel capacity, totaling 154 liters. The combination of the fuel capacity and powerful engine means that the wake boat provides all the power you need for your surfing and wakeboarding activities.

Multi-Purpose Wake Boat

The design and build of the Heyday WT-2DC make it perfect for multiple watersports. It uses a deck boat hull design and GRP as the hull material. This design and material make the wake boat suitable for joyriding, water skiing, waterboarding, and any other watersports fun that you may crave.


  • High-quality wake boat with optimal features
  • Impressive fuel efficiency
  • Big and accommodating wake boat


  • While the boat is relatively affordable, its resale value is usually low.

Heyday WT Surf

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The Heyday WT-Surf is the largest of the new set of wake boats from Heyday. According to the company, the Heyday WT-Surf is a step up from the WT-1 and WT-2 models. Thus, it incorporates superior features such as:

Integrated Ballast Tanks

Not only does the Heyday WT-Surf feature an internal ballast with exceptional design, but the water-holding capacity of the ballast also helps it balance perfectly on the water. The ballast can hold up to 1270kg of water on board and has 117- degree transom angle. This transom and the ballast help the boat make the type of wave that is perfect for surfing.

A More Powerful Engine

The Heyday WT-Surf uses a Crusader Challenger 5.7L 350-hp, which is an upgrade to the engine options in the older models like the WT-2. This engine can provide up to 490-hp with enough power to pull surfers, the ballast at full capacity, and the crew on the boat.


  • It is an upgrade to the older models
  • It is more spacious, more powerful, and more comfortable
  • Can occupy 17 people at a time


  • It has a high bow rise, which hinders its fuel efficiency a bit

Things to Consider Before Buying A Wake Boat

Getting a wake boat is an important decision. It’ll be a significant expense that will affect your trips for years to come. You must choose the best and most suitable wake boat for your surfing experience.

There are numerous options in the market when it comes to wake boats. As a result, it becomes a bit difficult to narrow these options down to the perfect one. However, the process becomes easier if you consider the following features and criteria.

Suitable Watersport

One of the vital factors you should consider in a wake boat is its ability as a surf boat. There are various wake boats for different watersports. While some wake boats have hulls built specifically for water surfing, some have hulls designed for wakeboarding and waterskiing. Thus, you need to ensure that your wake boat is built for your favorite watersport.

You should know that there are multi-sport wake boats as well. These wake boats can be used for more than one watersport. One of the distinguishing features of these wake boats are their hulls. Their hulls are usually designed for two or more watersports, making them stronger and more durable.

Hull Design and Internal Ballast

The hull design and internal ballast of a wake boat are arguably its most important parts as they determine a lot, from the most suitable watersport, to the amount of water displaced by the boat. It is very important that you pay enough attention to these parts when choosing a wake boat.

The amount of water displaced by the boat while on water determines the wave sizes left in your wake. This is dependent on your boat’s hull and design. This means that the heavier the hull, the more water displaced, and the more waves your boat can take on and give off.

The hull also affects the push or force that propels the boat while on water. When the hull of a wake boat sits deep into the water, it can ride deeper, producing a strong push to propel the boat while also giving off waves of impressive surf ability.
For wake boats intended for surfing, it’s important that the hulls are heavy and designed to make waves. The ideal hull for this type of wake boat is the Deep V-Hull. A Deep V-Hull comes with many advantages.

The first one is a smooth ride on water, regardless of how rough the water is. This is possible due to the ability of the Deep V-Hull to cut through the water rather than bounce on its surface, like flat and ski hulls do. Another advantage of wake boats with Deep V-hulls is fuel efficiency. Your wake boat uses and manages fuel optimally due to its working principle (cutting through water, rather than pushing against it).

The ballast also plays an important role in how the wake boat looks and works. You need to look out for the total weight and the placement of the internal ballast. For instance, if the ballast is placed at the rear of the boat, the wake boat will have a high bow rise (nose in the air). This positioning makes it difficult for drivers to see ahead, and it also consumes more fuel. So ideally, a good wake boat should have its ballast spread around the sides of the boat, with a little extra at the rear.

Common Problems with Heyday Wake Boats

Despite the impressive features of Heyday wake boats, there are certain issues that users have complained about in the past. Some of these issues include:

Positioning of Seats

While many heyday wake boats are accommodating and spacious, one of the major problems is the inability of these boats to come with a good seating arrangement. The seats in most wake boats are positioned in a way that makes it difficult for people to move around the boat easily.

Limited Storage Space

Some of the Heyday wake boats do not come with adequate storage spaces. Thus, you may find it difficult to store items such as, life jackets, towels, and other gear on the boat.

Limited Versatility

One of the top issues with many wake boats is that they are used for specific watersports. The number of wake boats that are suitable for multiple watersports is very small.

Sum It Up! Heyday Wake Boat Review

We’ve discussed two of the top models that Heyday makes. Heyday is an excellent brand with a great reputation. We’re confident you’d be happy with either of these models, depending on your exact use.

We also discussed some good info about how to choose a wake boat and some common issues with the Heyday models.

Hopefully, this Heyday boat review shed some light on which Heyday model is best for you.  If you liked this post, you may also be interested in the best fish and ski boats, the best ways to book a fishing charter, or how to pass a fishing boat.

P.S. Don’t forget your boat and fishing tackle insurance!

Best Heyday Boat Review FAQ

Why is the Resale Value of Heyday Boats low?

There are usually two factors responsible for the low resale value. These factors include the specific nature of the wake boat market and the reputation of Heyday in the luxury boat industry.

Which of the Heyday Boats is the best?

All of the wake boats from Heyday are impressive and of top quality. The Heyday WT-Surf, being the latest and biggest model, has a lot of superior features.

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