Climate X Winter Boots Review for 2023

The CLIMATE X winter boot is a midrange winter boot for men. It has very affordable pricing but maintains some level of quality. Despite its affordability, it does have some drawbacks which we’ll discuss further in this Climate X winter boots for 2022 review. 

Summary: The Climate X Winter Boot is NOT Worth the Money

Having a good quality winter boot is extremely important for outdoor activities like hunting, ice fishing, snowmobiling and more. It can be very frustrating to have to cut your day short because you aren’t comfortable. When it’s cold enough, it can even be dangerous! 

CLIMATEX Climate X Mens YC5 Snow Boot, Black, 10.5 M US

  • Ankle Velcro strap
  • Drawstring closure
  • Water repellent upper nylon
  • Removable inner boot liner

We believe there are better options in this price range

– Rogue Rods

The Climate X Winter Boots Reviews – Best Features

These snow boots are made of waterproof nylon fabric and a rubber sole. With a shaft circumference of 11 inches, Velcro strap around the ankle and drawstring closure at the top, it is perfectly suitable for all your outdoor winter activities.

Ankle Velcros Strap

The first thing to notice about the CLIMATEX SNOW BOOT is the ankle velcros strap. This feature ensures that the boot sits comfortably on your feet. The velcros can withstand water pressure and holds firmly despite the amount of water that touches it. The velcros strap can be adjusted to get light or loose depending on what you need.

Drawstring Closure

The drawstring closure is located at the top of the boot. All it takes to make it work is to hold on to each end on the boot and pull strings together to make it more comfortable. It can be contrasted or expanded at this point. The goal is to make the boot more comfortable.

When at rest, the Climate X snow boot has a wide rim that allows for easy entry or exit of feet. This makes is supposed to make it very comfortable to put your feet inside without much hassle. The job of the drawstring closure and the ankle velcros strap is to readjust or customise the boot until it becomes a perfect fit for the user. We don’t think feature is up to snuff.

Water Repellent Upper Nylon

This feature is essential because it keeps moisture away from the user’s feet. Even in snow or heavy rainfall, you can be sure that your feet will remain dry. There’s no fear of being vulnerable to athlete’s foot, an infection that thrives in dark, wet, and humid places. You can trudge through the snow and even mud puddles with the confidence that your feet are completely safe.

Removable Inner Boot Liner

The CLIMATE X snow boot features a removable inner boot liner that’s easy to wash and dry. This liner is soft and cushioned to provide comfort for your feet. Since it is easily removable, you get odorless and durable footwear.

Waterproof Outer Sole System

The beautiful thing about this feature is that because this boot is supported with a shaft circumference of 11 inches, this snow boot stands tall. It elevates you while maintaining a solid grip of the ground. It offers protection and safety because it protects completely from the inflow of water, ensuring that users don’t get cold during a long day on the ice. It has a unique grip system which lets the sole dig into solid ground and holds firmly. 

Thermolite Insulation

Lightweight synthetic insulation fabric engineered from polyester fibres. Thermolite offers superior warmth without the bulk. This traps warm air within the material to give you the heat even when wet. ThermoLite is designed to ‘wick’ moisture away from your skin to the outside surface where it then evaporates or drops off.

Climate X Winter Boots Review Conclusion –  Better Options Available

While the Climate X winter boots aren’t terrible, especially at this price, we still feel there are better options out there. If you’re looking for a boot that will give the best bang for your buck, we would recommend checking out our Aleader Snow Boot review. They aren’t as pricey as a Muckboot or something from Baffin, but they’re are reliable, durable boot. 

Hopefully this Climate X Winter Boots Review was helpful. Stay warm out there!

Climate X Snow Boot Review FAQ

Is the liner removable?


Where are these boots made?

The Climate X Winter Boot is made in China.

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