How Far Apart Should Ice Fishing Holes Be?

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Ice fishing is a great way to pass the time and enjoy nature in the winter. For those who may not be familiar with this activity, ice fishing involves drilling holes into frozen lakes and ponds and then fishing for various types of fish such as perch, trout, bass, or walleye. However, one important question … Read more

Climate X Winter Boots Review for 2022

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The CLIMATE X winter boot is a midrange winter boot for men. It has very affordable pricing but maintains some level of quality. Despite its affordability, it does have some drawbacks which we’ll discuss further in this Climate X winter boots for 2022 review.  Summary: The Climate X Winter Boot is NOT Worth the Money Having a … Read more

Lacrosse Iceman Boots Review for 2022

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The winter season can be a great time to engage in all those activities you love, like ice fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, and more. Regardless of the activity, you need the right equipment to protect you against the harsh weather conditions. Lacrosse Iceman boots certainly fit the bill. Read on to learn more in this Lacrosse  … Read more

Aleader Snow Boots Reviews for 2022

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The Aleader Snow Boots Reviews Aleader snow boots are an excellent winter boot for the money. If you aren’t willing to spend up for a higher end boot like the a pair from Baffin or Muck Boots, these are an excellent alternative. Read the rest of this Aleader Snow Boots review to learn why this … Read more

Muck Boots Arctic Ice Extreme Review for 2022

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Ever thought of or experienced extreme ice conditions in which walking was close to impossible? Well, movement and activities during those conditions have been made a lot easier with the Muck Boot Arctic Ice Extreme boot. These boots have an Arctic grip outsole, waterproof exteriors, and can resist temperatures as low as -60 F. The … Read more

Baffin Wolf Snow Boot Reviews for 2022

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When people talk about wolves, the words formidable, fierce, and deadly come to mind. These same formidable qualities are considered when talking about the Baffin Wolf winter boots. They have 1000-denier nylons, beefy pro-tech microfiber uppers, a double side-release buckle system, 6-millimeter contoured EVA footbeds, and double-layer metallic membranes. Baffin has been a leader in … Read more

Baffin Snogoose Winter Boots Review for 2022

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When it comes to women’s winter boots in 2022, many manufacturers forget the first requirement which is that comfort and durability should always come before fashion. For those of us with a keen eye for detail, it’s easy to spot attractive, yet poorly made boots that don’t provide the necessary warmth, comfort, and protection that … Read more

Baffin Titan Steel Toe Review for 2022

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Ice-cold and freezing weather shouldn’t discourage you from engaging in those fun outdoor activities you love. Regardless of the weather, we encourage an amazing outdoor experience by recommending some of the best protective gear in 2022 that you can use. One of such products is the Baffin Titan Steel Toe Boots. Read on to learn … Read more

Baffin Impact Boots Review for 2022

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The Baffin Impact Boots Review If you’re looking for sturdy, well-insulated boots to last you through a couple of harsh winters, then look no further. The Baffin Impact boot is built for long, cold days. It comes with a removable liner, a temperature rating of -148 F, double B-Tek insulation, a waffle-comb foot-bed, and a … Read more