Best Spot Lock Trolling Motor for 2022

Spot lock trolling motors are a great way to troll bait and catch fish. They offer many benefits that make them the best choice for any fisherman who is looking to improve their fishing experience, as well as increase their chances of catching more fish. In this blog post, we will talk about what makes a spot lock trolling motor high quality, who should buy one, what they do and which products are the best on the market today! What is the best spot lock trolling motor in 2022? Read on to see the top 7 best spot lock trolling motors on the market right now.

What Is Spot Lock/GPS/Anchor Lock Feature In Trolling Motors?

One of the most underrated features on modern boats is a system that goes by many names, including spot lock/GPS anchor or even anchor lock. What this feature does for you is help move your boat (see our favorite fish and ski boats here) to exactly where you want it – whether in deep water fishing like offshore salmon and tuna or closer to shore with walleye pike muskie trout crappie panfish bluegill etc. It’s really amazing how accurate these systems get when its activated!

Here’s our top 4 bestSpot Lock Trolling Motors for 2022:

  1. Minn Kota Ulterra
  2. Minn Kota Ultrex
  3. Minn Kota Powerdrive
  4. Motorguide Wireless 

Our Top 4 Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors for 2022

We’ve reviewed some of the best spot lock trolling motors below. Read the pros and cons of each and figure out which one is the best choice for you. Please note, Spot Lock is a Minn Kota terminology for the anchor lock feature. We’ve also included a couple other quality trolling motors outside of the Minn Kota brand that have an anchor lock feature. 

#1: Minn Kota Ulterra – Most Hands Off

Minn Kota Ulterra Freshwater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with MEGA Down...

Ulterra features Auto Stow/Deploy and Power Trim, as well as your choice of i-Pilot® or i-Pilot Link™. You can stow, deploy and trim Ulterra from the remote or the foot pedal – meaning you never have to touch your motor again! Select models now available with Built-In MEGA Down Imaging® Sonar

Only Ulterra features Auto Stow/Deploy power trims along with either Ipilote (remote control) or IPILOT LINK (wireless headset). This means that you don’t need to ever go near a boat’s engine at all – unless it is for one huge high five!

Product Specifications:

  • Motor Style: Electric-steer
  • Mounting Location: Bow-mount
  • Shaft Lengths: 45-inch, 54-inch, 60-inch, or 72-inch
  • Voltage: 24-volt (80 pounds) or 36-volt (112 pounds)
  • GPS Control System: i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link
  • Sonar Imaging: Mega Down Imaging or Universal Sonar 2


  • Excellent battery life
  • Very quiet
  • Spot Lock works like a charm
  • Easy to install and integrate with your Fish Finder


  • May get damaged in temperatures below 40 degrees F
Minn Kota Ulterra Freshwater Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with MEGA Down...
  • The only trolling motor that can automatically stow and...
  • Trim the Ulterra up or down at the push of a button to...
  • Using GPS to lock onto fishing spots with Spot-Lock, record...
  • This Ulterra features a built-in transducer with Hummingbird...

#2: Minn Kota Ultrex 

Minn Kota 1368820 Ultrex Freshwater Cable & Electric-Steer Bow-Mount Motor...

Step on the Ultrex™ foot pedal and feel what Power Steering does to a trolling motor. Then tap the Spot-Lock button to stay on a fishing spot automatically. Only Ultrex combines the most responsive, intuitive steering ever with GPS-powered automatic boat control. Select models now available with Built-In MEGA Down Imaging™.

Product Specifications:

  • Motor Style: Hybrid cable-steer / electric-steer
  • Mounting Location: Bow-mount
  • Shaft Lengths: 45-inch, 52-inch, or 60-inch
  • Voltage: 24-volt (80 pounds) or 36-volt (112 pounds)
  • GPS Control System: i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link
  • Sonar Imaging: Mega Down Imaging or Universal Sonar 2


  • Spot Lock works great even in the wind
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Quiet
  • Long battery life


  • Some issues with the controller
  • Customer service wasn’t always helpful with large repairs
Minn Kota 1368820 Ultrex Freshwater Cable & Electric-Steer Bow-Mount Motor...
  • 45" Shaft, 36v, 112 lbs Thrust
  • Universal Sonar 2: Keeps your transducer and wiring...
  • i-Pilot GPS Trolling System: The most-trusted GPS system in...
  • Spot-Lock with Jog: Spot-Lock will hold you in place with...

#3: Minn Kota Riptide Powerdrive – Best Small Boat

MinnKota RipTide PowerDrive With i-Pilot Saltwater Bow-Mount Trolling...

PowerDrive™ is a dependable, hardworking engine that can handle anything the day of fishing brings. PowerDrive’s tough design and big-time technology will have you ready to head out on your next boat trip!

Power Drive has a sleek mount designed for harsh conditions. It also comes with industry leading power and capabilities so it won’t let you down when fish are biting in shallow waters or deep depths; whatever situation arises during the fishing trips, this reliable machine handles them all without being showy about its abilities.

Product Specifications:

  • Deploy assist lever Get in and out of the water easily
  • iPilot GPS trolling System uses GPS to control your trolling motor with incredible features that keep you on the fish
  • Spot lock just press a button, and Spot-Lock will hold you in place with unparalleled GPS accuracy
  • Auto pilot automatically navigate your boat in any direction you choose
  • Digital Maximizer Provides up to 5 times longer run time on a single battery charge


  • Spot Lock works perfectly even in wind
  • Quiet
  • Long battery life


  • Corrosion issues with the steering housing
  • No foot pedal

#4: Motorguide Wireless Trolling Motor – Best Budget

MotorGuide 941700060 Xi5 Wireless Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor —...

The MotorGuide Xi5-55SW 48-Inch 12V Wireless Trolling Motor is a saltwater motor that lets you control it with the wireless controller from anywhere on your boat. The composite shaft and 3 blade Machete III Glass Filled propeller make this an excellent choice for fishing enthusiasts. Plus, if you want to take advantage of Pinpoint GPS technology then pick up one of these incredible motors as well!

What is the difference between xi3 and xi5? Yi5 is equipped with foot pedal & hand remote, whereas i3 comes with hand remote only.

Product Specifications:

  • Fully protected electronics with sealed corrosion protection
  • Digital Power Management for up to 5x longer battery life
  • Monitor motor functions with built-in LED dashboard
  • Available built-in 83/200 kHz 2D sonar


  • Similar quality to Minn Kota
  • GPS locks in even in wind
  • Quiet


  • Difficult to pull out of the water
MotorGuide 941700060 Xi5 Wireless Saltwater Bow Mount Trolling Motor —...
  • Wireless handheld control lets you precisely operate the...
  • Innovative mount features easy-to-read LED dashboard that...
  • Compatible with accessory Pinpoint GPS, the industry’s...
  • High-efficiency electronics are fully encapsulated in...

Features to Look for in the Best Spot Lock Trolling Motors

To find the best spot lock trolling motors, there’s a few key factors to consider. Read on to learn more about the most important things to consider when purchassing a spot lock trolling motor.

Motor Thrust

A boat’s motor requires a certain amount of thrust depending on the weight of its load. The general rule is that your engine needs 2 pounds for every 100 pounds in total weight if you will be fishing with people and gear onboard. If there are major factors like wind or current, it may take more than this to keep up.

Shaft Length

Choosing the proper shaft length is important. IIf it’s too short, the prop won’t be sufficiently submerged. If it’s too long, perfrmance can be affected and the motor can even contact the bottom. The standard recommendation is submerging the center of the motor section at least 12 inches.

Mounting Location

You need to consider whether you’ll be mounting your spot lock trolling motor on the bow, transom or on a pontoon.

  • Bow – Equipped to the front of your boat, they mount in moments thanks to their bolt-on bracket. These all new high performance engines pull you through the water for better maneuverability and total control!
  • Transom – The Trolling Motor Mount is a clamp-on bracket that attaches to the back of your boat, giving you control over where and how fast your motor will go. Great for smaller boats like dinghies or canoes with no access point in front!
  • Pontoon – For a pontoon boot.

Additional Features

Trolling motors in 2022 have a wide range of features available. Here some key features to consider:

  • GPS
  • Built in transducers
  • Autopilot
  • Anchor link / spot lock
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Summary – So Which Spot Lock Trolling Motor is the Best for You?

This is a tough question as there are many factors involved, from boat size, to budget and more. Here’s our final say with some qualifiers:

1. If you want the absolute easiest, most hands off trolling motor – Minn Kota Ulterra

2. If you’re on a budget – Motorguide Wireless

3. If you have a small boat – Minn Kota Ripetide Powerglide

Best Spot Lock Trolling Motor FAQ

What is a Trolling Motor?

This is a self-contained unit that incorporates a propeller, electric motor, and a set of controls. Spot Lock trolling motors include GPS features that allow the motor to keep your boat in place automtically, even in rougher conditions. This unit is attached to the boat of the angler at the stern or the bow.

What Motor Size Do You Need?

There is no one answer to this question. You have to factor the size of the vessel, the purpose for which you want the motor, and the overall weight of the load and the vessel  during use. Be sure you’re giving yourself enough power. 

Does Motorguide have anchor lock?

Yes, i3 & i5 have GPS driven anchor lock.