Baffin Impact Boots Review for 2023

The Baffin Impact Boots Review

If you’re looking for sturdy, well-insulated boots to last you through a couple of harsh winters, then look no further. The Baffin Impact boot is built for long, cold days. It comes with a removable liner, a temperature rating of -148 F, double B-Tek insulation, a waffle-comb foot-bed, and a double-buckle fastening mechanism. Read on to learn more in this Baffin Impact boots review of 2022.

Summary: Baffin Impact Boots are Warm!

Baffin Impact boots are aesthetically pleasing, highly efficient, and surprisingly lightweight for a boot of its size. It has a rugged look and stops at the midpoint between the knee and ankle and comes with a waterproof nylon snow collar. Although they look big and heavy, they fit snugly and provide an excellent user experience.

Baffin Men's Impact Snow Boot,Black,11 M US

  • Double buckles/ bungee toggle collar.
  • Waterproof nylon base.
  • Double B-Tek insulation system
  • Double aluminium insole.
  • Temperature rating of -148 F.
  • Liner: Removable, max-layer inner boot system.
  • Waffle-comb foot-bed.
  • Arctic rubber shell.
  • EVA Midsole.

Warm and worth the money!

– Rogue Rods

Baffin Men's Impact Snow Boot,Black,11 M US
  • Insulated for comfort to -148 degrees F
  • 8-layer inner boot system with Thermaplush
  • With a bungee toggle snow collar to lock out wintery...
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The Baffin Impact Boots Review – Best Features

Baffin has a standing reputation for producing quality boots, and the Baffin Impact is no exception. They’re very warm like you’ll find many customers say, and they are really easy on the eyes. Here’s an extensive Baffin Impact boots review of this product’s top characteristics.

Double Buckle/ Bungee Toggle Collar

The most visibly noticeable feature of the Baffin impact boots is the double buckle and the toggle collar. This extends across the surface of the boot, providing an alternative to laces. This makes it easy to put on or take off the shoes. This provides makes it easy to run or walk briskly without worrying about the laces coming undone. A degree of satisfaction comes from knowing that the double buckle would hold secure in the face of difficulties. This serves as a relief to many users who find this feature relatively easy and comfortable to use.

Waterproof Nylon Base

The Baffin Impact manages to keep water out even when underwater. It ensures that the legs are protected and no dampness pools inside the shoes. This is a feature that is a contrast to other fabrics used by traditional boots. Most materials absorb water and retain it. With its waterproof nylon base, this unique feature sets the Baffin impact boots apart from classic boots, which tend to get wet, soggy, and uncomfortable in certain weather conditions.

Removable Liner

If you’ve read through any of our other Baffin boot reviews, you’ll find that this feature is a constant. The removable liner helps keep the feet dry and warm, and you can take it out to clean at any time. Users can also get replacements from stores in case of wear and tear or if they need some extra padding for added comfort.

Double B-Tek Insulation System

Baffin’s B-Tek system is a four-channel hollow fiber that serves to keep moisture out of the boot. In this case, boot the B-Tek takes twice the number of channels, making eight hollow fibers. This ensures that no water gets into the shoes. The B-Tek system gives it double the resistance to cold conditions and provides comfort and protection for users.

Double Aluminium Sole

The job of the double aluminum insole is to reflect cold towards the outsole. This lining system ensures that dry and warm air gets into the boots, preventing your feet from experiencing any discomfort.

Opposite Cleat Patterns

The sole of the Buffin Impact boot is designed with in-built cleats that help to provide additional traction on a slippery surface. These cleats travel in opposite directions to provide maximum grip force when walking on an icy surface. The cleats do not only help you when walking on slippery surfaces but also help to keep snow and sometimes mud off the soles of your boots which makes them retain their light weight.

Arctic Rubber Shell

The Baffin Impact boots come with an Arctic rubber shell which when paired with an EVA midsole provide maximum comfort during movement. The Arctic rubber shell is also combined with a rubber outsole on the bottom which helps to maintain your balance during movement and ensures you remain steady if you trip.

Snow Cuffs

The function of the snow cuff is to prevent debris like snow, water, or even ice from falling into your feet during movement. It helps to create a warm and comfortable environment for your feet.

Baffin Men's Impact Snow Boot,Black,11 M US
  • Insulated for comfort to -148 degrees F
  • 8-layer inner boot system with Thermaplush
  • With a bungee toggle snow collar to lock out wintery...

Baffin Impact Boots Review Conclusion –  Worth the Money!

If you’re on the lookout for aesthetics and functionality, the Baffin Impact comes highly recommended. It’s not perfect, but it will do nicely when you’re out on a winter adventure. Due to its light weight, wading through a huge amount of fallen snow should not be a problem. Like all products, taking care of the Baffin Impact boots should be prioritized because the durability of this product and how well it serves you all depends on how well it is cared for .

Apart from all the things we have mentioned in this Baffin Impact boots review, a lot of ice fishermen and hikers who have used the product rated it highly. With maximum comfort, a temperature rating of -148 F, double B-Tek insulation, Double Aluminium insoles, waffle-comb foot-beds, and other amazing features, the Baffin Impact boots will not fail to keep your feet safe and warm.

Hopefully this Baffin Impact review was helpful. Stay warm out there!

Baffin Men's Impact Snow Boot,Black,11 M US
  • Insulated for comfort to -148 degrees F
  • 8-layer inner boot system with Thermaplush
  • With a bungee toggle snow collar to lock out wintery...

Baffin Impact Review FAQ

Are Baffin Impact boots waterproof?

Baffin boots are known for keeping the foot warm in extreme cold. They have a rubber bottom which provides 100% waterproofing and easy cleanup.

Are Baffin boots true to size?

If you are a half size and the boot does not come in half sizes, we suggest choosing 1.5 sizes up for boots described as ‘runs small’ and 1 size up for boot described as ‘true to size’.

What are the best boots for ice fishing?

Baffin, Muck and Sorel are all well known and trusted to make some of the best boots for ice fishing in 2022.

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